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Original serialized stories will find a new home on Kindle Vella. This month Amazon announced Kindle Vella. This new platform emphasizes a strong reading experience and improved engagement between authors and readers. Vella will be available in the next few months.

The Destiny Hex is our first work on Vella. We'll be blogging about our foray into serial, litrpg territory. 

In the energy-starved 25th century, Reeve Geary is a Revelator for Hire tracking down energy thieves. While playing in the fantasy game world of Mawlpeak, he discovers a secret quest triggering appearances of shadow gargoyles and a new continent. Game Control recruits Reeve's team to find the cause. Bad code, hackers or a legendary creator's last gift? By the way, damage to Mawlpeak could mean the destruction of 200 years of world peace and harmony. No pressure, right? Onward, brave readers!

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Impressed with the musical score? There's a section for that. Ditto for cinematography, plot, characters and themes. Inside the ultimate review log: 

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